A classical education in art teaches not only technique, but also an appreciation of beauty by studying paintings and sculpture through history.
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Art Appreciation

We have a great opportunity for people to not only support the school but to get great quality Catholic art for their homes. Please click on the link below to place a bid on this month’s piece of Art.


Every month we will be auctioning off another piece of art via this platform so look for those in the upcoming months. While the art is being auctioned off it will be on display down by the front office. Please feel free to share this link with any family members or friends that you might think would be interested. 

Art of The Week

The Faculty Liturgy Committee has started an Art of The Week initiative for our students. 


An art piece is chosen for each week that pairs with the time we spend as a school community on Fridays, developing our Catholic identity, whether that be art relating to one of the readings at mass, a mystery of the rosary, or a piece that matches what is planned for that Friday time. Often, some of the beautiful art may be found hung around our campus, truly highlighting the classical foundations of our curriculum. As part of religion classes each week, students engage in discussion about the art. Art of the week is also included in the weekly Communicator, so that parents are encouraged to discuss with their children what they learned that week, further enriching the long Tradition of the importance of art in the Catholic Church. 

Week 14 - January 2-6: Star of Bethlehem by Edward Burne-Jones


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Questions to Consider:

  • What is the predominant color being used in the painting? Why do you think Edward Burne-Jones chose to have this color stand out?
  • Describe the three Wise Men. What might each represent?  
  • What else stands out to you?
  • If you were a wise men, what would you bring to the baby Jesus?

Suggested Readings: Matthew 2:1-12 


Why this piece was chosen:

At the end of this week we are going to celebrate the feast of Epiphany, or when the three Wise Men came to adore the Christ child. We are given this scene in the beginning of the Gospel of Matthew, who most likely was told the story from the Blessed Virgin Mary. St. Matthew’s account leaves us with so many questions about who these men were but we are clearly given the outline of our picture; the infant Jesus in his humbled state of dependency, is honored and adored by these three great men who traveled far to honor this new king. As we are still in the Christmas season, we too are all invited to find the child Jesus in the Nativity, honoring him as King of Kings and bringing him a gift. This Christmas season, what will your gift be? While the Wise Men brought gold, frankincense and myrrh, what the Lord really desires is us as we are, a heart open to welcoming in the infant Jesus and allowing him to grow in us this year.