Welcome to St. Andrew Catholic School, a Classical school. Find out more about our school and learn about our mission.


The St. Andrew Catholic School Difference

Welcome to St. Andrew Catholic School, a Classical school. Founded in 1996, St. Andrew School strives to reach each child through an engaging environment filled with hands-on teaching and a true compassion for life. Instilling a love for God, the teachings of Jesus and a true passion for learning are the most important lessons we can share with our children. Through our various programs, we believe a child’s faith formation and education should never be mutually exclusive. To that end, we are proud to provide a well-respected, rigorous curriculum that challenges students within the context of our Catholic faith, proudly serving children PreK through 12th grade on our main school campus located in Helena, Montana.


We want our students to be life-long learners and to “Hang their lives on the truth”. Understanding the virtues of Fortitude, Temperance, Prudence, and Justice gives our students a strong foundation for life.

Enriching the Whole Child - Christ-Centered Education

St. Andrew Catholic School strives to be an expression of the teachings of the Church, passing on Christian hope and faith, deriving its philosophy from the Gospel and the teachings of the Catholic Church.


Students, Staff, teachers and parents create a community infused with religious truths and Christian values where self-discipline, respect and responsibility are taught and lived. Education enriches the whole child while uplifting each to his fullest potential.

The Classical Approach

The classical approach teaches students how to think rather than merely what to think. Our goal is to form within students a “sacramental imagination” that leads them to the Truth in wonder, humility, and a deep respect for the human person, created in the image and likeness of God.


Our vision rejects the modern utilitarian view of education’s purpose being the development of technical career skills. Instead, we have returned to the original purpose of education – now referred to as “classical”.


 This vision begins with a correct anthropology of fallen but redeemed man and seeks to “draw out” (Latin: educare) what is natural: a desire for wisdom and virtue, which are more conducive to our authentic destiny, the end for which we are created. In short, students are prepared for heaven by building the habits to choose rightly, judging by the intellect after acquiring knowledge naturally through the senses. 

The Catholic education we envision seeks a proper balance to academics and catechesis. Our integrated curriculum provides simultaneous intellectual and spiritual formation by immersing students in God’s love found both in the complex ordered beauty of the universe and in the authentic fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

 Ironically, this integrated “liberal arts” education in excellence not only forms saints, but beholding Truth for its own sake is the best way to develop practical skills as well. For the students are “in this world, but not of this world”.

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