Volunteer Opportunities at St Andrew School

It isn't true that we can't use a little help! Volunteering is an excellent opportunity to become involved in your child’s education and to fulfill those PIP points. (Twenty-four PIP Points are required each year.). You will meet other families and to become more acquainted with the school. All volunteer hours count toward PIP Points. Thank you for your support and sharing your time and talents with St. Andrew School.

Long Term Needs

Please see the current newsletter for our needs 

Current Needs

PlayGround Equipment setup: Friday 8/18: 3pm: "Final Assembly": This means some heavy lifting to place playground pieces into place, and fastening hardware to assemble all the different play activities into a consolidated play-set.

Tools may include: drill, socket driver, torx sets w/ pin, rubber mallets, ratchet straps, steel bracing stakes, hammers, tape measures, levels, crescent wrench, perhaps a spade or post-hole-digger, tampers, and of course duct tape.

And then the fun!

Saturday 8/19: 8:30am: "The Pour": 31 holes to be filled with concrete! The truck is planned for 9am, but come early and help ensure all the details are in place.

Tools may include: wheelbarrows, levels, stakes and posts to work out bubbles (concrete vibrator if you have one), shovels, rubber mallets, ratchet straps, hammers, tape measures, and whatever else you think appropriate.

IMPORTANT: For safety, we cannot have any children present while we are working. High school boys are welcome to come help but please no younger siblings.

Saturday, August 26: School Clean up Day.On Saturday, August 26th, we will have a school clean up day beginning at 9am. After all the work is done we will have pizza and pop for lunch. This promises to be a day of fun and community building. Please call the school if you can come so we can co-ordinate all our efforts. Hope to see you there!

"Help Wanted"

Please see the current newsletter


This is our main fundraiser and we always need lots of help. For more information, click here.

The early phases of the auction will start soon! Please volunteer to help out with the auction! Call the school for more information.

These guys worked the auction and they felt really good about it!

This page will be updated regularly during the school year. So check back soon!

Last update: August 16, 2017


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