St. Andrew School is a classical and Catholic school.  Our twin commitments to classical learning and to Catholicism play equal roles in our formulation of mission, programs, and policies at St. Andrew School.

St. Andrew School is a classical school.  By classical school, we understand:

  • a commitment to the classical subjects of learning, particularly the Trivium (grammar, logic, rhetoric).
  • a commitment to the "classical tradition" of learning, which stresses development of skills, particularly those of speaking well, reading well, and thinking well.
  • a commitment to active learning: to the active involvement of each student, faculty member, and parent in the life of learning.
  • a general commitment to the liberal arts and liberal learning, realizing that the aim of all study and learning is to increase our love of the truth and make us more proficient seekers of it.

St. Andrew School is a Catholic school.  St. Andrew School is founded and directed by lay Catholics, but formally recognized as an independent Catholic school by the Bishop and Catholic Diocese of Helena.  By our Catholic character, we understand:S

  • the official espousal of the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church and the teaching of these beliefs in our religion program, and total adherence to the teaching Magisterium of the Catholic Church.
  • a commitment to Catholic spiritual life, in particular a commitment to the historical Catholic practices of prayer, mortification and good works, as well as Catholic sacramental practices.
  • the commitment to acquiring and living the virtues in our and our student's lives, as the normal means that Christians imitate Christ in their lives.
  • a commitment to Catholic principles of freedom of religion and ecumenical tolerance.

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