Class of 2017: Audrey Bell, Nicholas Garcia, Jean Hampton, Caleb Nistler, Jessica Bousliman, Schuyler Ahmann, Joseph Carrell

Meet the St. Andrew School Graduates of 2017!
Class Motto: Quisque faber suae fortunae
(Each is the architect of his own fortune)

Schuyler Allen Ahmann is the oldest child of Rick and Jen Ahmann. Schuyler began attending St Andrew in the Fifth Grade. He won a Knights of Columbus essay contest in Sophomore year, and competed in Roman Catholic Challenge in Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh grades. Schuyler began serving at St. Helena Cathedral in third grade and has been a senior Altar Server for several years. He is active in CYC, serving on the Youth Board in Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth grades, and was even nominated in his sophomore year for their youth of the year award. Schuyler has logged over 1,000 hours of community service. In his free time, Schuyler likes to hike and ski with his family. Next year Schuyler will attend the University of Mary, in North Dakota, where he will major in Computer Science. Schuyler's words of wisdom for his fellow students are to keep busy and don't get distracted.

Audrey Ruth Bell is the daughter of Heather and Nicholas Bell. Audrey graduates with honors from St. Andrew, and is the class Valedictorian. She received a National Merit Scholarship Commendation for her high SAT scores. Audrey came to St. Andrew in second grade. She was homeschooled while traveling with her family for Fifth and Sixth grades and returned to St. Andrew in Seventh Grade. Audrey has played the violin in Linda Meuret's Joyful Strings ensemble for the last seven years. While in high school here, Audrey took Orchestra and Sight Singing classes at Carroll College. She has been very active in the St. Andrew Film Club, and is a volunteer instructor in the Learn-to-Skate program at the Helena Ice Arena. Audrey was accepted at several colleges and was offered scholarships. Next year she will attend Colby College in Maine, to study Anthropology. Audrey has particularly enjoyed her higher level literature and theology classes at St. Andrew and the chance to analyze and discuss original works.

Jessica Lee Bousliman is the daughter of Mike and Theresa Bousliman. She graduates with honors from St. Andrew. Jessica has attended St. Andrew since Kindergarten, and had perfect attendance during her Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth grades. This year she is Vice-President in Student Government. During High School, she won the Knights of Columbus art contest, coached for Roman Catholic Challenge in Ninth Grade, and played Volleyball in Tenth Grade. She took a Differential Equations and Linear Algebra ACE class at Carroll College. Jessica received a commendation for her high ACT scores. Next year Jessica will attend Carroll College. She hopes also to travel in the near future, living up to her motto: Don't live too fast, take your time and make memories.

Joseph Jackson Carrell is the oldest child of Nick and Beth Carrell. Joe attended St. Andrew since Seventh Grade. He was a Student Government representative during his Freshman and Sophomore years, an Altar Server at the Cathedral, and served on the CYC Youth Board. Joe hopes to go into PreMed or dentistry, and will begin that journey at Carroll College next year, where he has been awarded the Bishop Carroll Scholarship. Though apparently meek and mild mannered in his appearance and demeanor, Joe believes he will be remembered at St. Andrew as the prodigal son. In keeping with that wish, he advises his fellow students to cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war.

Nicholas Zane Garcia is the son of Sarah and Mike Garcia. Nick began attending St. Andrew in Freshman year when his family moved to Helena from Seattle. Nick took an Introduction to Business class at Carroll College in the ACE program. He is the Senior Class Rep for Student Government this year, played on the St. Andrew basketball team, and played soccer for all four years. In addition, he is a four-year starter in Helena Lacrosse league, going All-state in Junior year, and plays Hockey on a team which was a State Champion in his Sophomore Year. Nick was accepted at several colleges, and was awarded a Lacrosse scholarship at Marian University in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin where he will play Division III Lacrosse and study accounting next year. He hopes to get his CPA after college. Nick values most of all the friendships he's made here at St. Andrew, and advises everyone to keep working hard for the things they want.

Jean Maria Hampton is the daughter of Mike and Denise Hampton. Jean is graduating with honors from St. Andrew, and has attended the school since Kindergarten in 2004. She completed an Introduction to Business class at Carroll College. Jean competed in Roman Catholic Challenge, taking first place one year; in Ninth Grade she coached RC Challenge. She has been in Student Government for two years, as a Grade Representative in Junior year, and President of Student Council in her Senior year. She played volleyball in Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Grade, and was an assistant volleyball coach at the YMCA in Eleventh Grade also. She often volunteers at St Andrew events, including the annual Donor Dinner and the Santa Breakfast, as well as at the Options Clinic dinner locally. Next year Jean plans to attend Carroll College. Jean has enjoyed all her classes, especially in high school, and advises her fellow St. Andrew students to persevere through it all.

Caleb Michael Nistler is the son of Gabe and Sommer Nistler, and of Shannon and Eric Olaso. Caleb is the third 2017 graduate to attend St. Andrew from Kindergarten, starting in 2004. Caleb was an altar server at St. Cyril and Methodius parish early in his high school career. Caleb likes to hunt and fish, and has killed eight deer in his life, and scared three times as many fish! Caleb is planning to become an electrical apprentice after graduation, and eventually an electrician. Caleb's fondest memories from St. Andrew are the teachers and close relationships he has had with his classmates. Caleb recommends his fellow St. Andrew students to work hard at their studies.

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