What is an ESLR?

As St. Andrew School continues to work toward accreditation, you will notice the acronym ESLR on various documents that are sent out. ESLR stands for Expected Schoolwide Learning Results. This is an interdisciplinary statement about what all students should know, understand, be able to do and value by the time they graduate from a school. St. Andrew’s ESLR’s follow directly from the Classical and Catholic mission statement of the school, and were written over the course of months with input from members of the St. Andrew community. Since our motto is Vitam Impedere Vero, which translates, Hang Your Life on the Truth, we have used the first letters of the word Vero (Truth), as a basis for the ESLR’s.

St. Andrew graduates are:

Virtuous Citizens Enthusiastic Catholics Resourceful Learners Open Witnesses

A more complete description of what our school means by each of these terms is given here:

Virtuous Citizens

  • Kind and respectful to everyone
  • Imitate the life of Christ, the apostles and saints
  • Respect the body as a temple of the Holy Spirit
  • Accept responsibility for choices and actions

Enthusiastic Catholics

  • Realize the importance of sacramental life
  • Understand the teachings of the Catholic Church
  • Committed to traditional practices of prayer, mortification and good works
  • Espouse Catholic principles of freedom of religion and ecumenical tolerance.

Resourceful Learners

  • Read, write and think well
  • Utilize the tools of Classical learning (grammar, logic and rhetoric)
  • Value the assistance of others in the quest for truth
  • Articulate ideas coherently
  • Think critically to analyze problems
  • Value the time-honored classics of Western Civilization

Open Witnesses

  • Engage the world with an educated charity
  • Participate in the democratic process
  • Use communication technology incorporating Catholic values to contribute to the positive development of society
  • Share their gifts of time, talent, and treasure

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