[Passed by school board, June 25, 1997]

4.2.1. Appointment to St. Andrews School board is understood as service to St. Andrews and its founding philosophy as defined in our Mission Statement and Handbook. Members of the school board should be sympathetic and supportive of these goals.

4.2.2. The number of board positions is currently seven (7), but could expand to nine (9) in the future. The composition of the board should include representation from the Board of Directors, faculty, parents, donors and perhaps interested patrons knowledgeable about our educational philosophy.

4.2.3. Members of St. Andrews School board serve at the invitation of the chairman of the School Board, and by an appointment to the board, which will be decided in consultation with the other members of the board. The chairman is obliged to learn the views of all current board members, and weigh and balance these before offering an invitation to a prospective member. [Currently "terms of office," if any, have yet to be determined.] Anyone person connected with St. Andrews can nominate someone, including themselves, to the board.

4.2.4. Current board members may request an interview with candidates for board membership, to be conducted at one of the regularly scheduled board meetings.

4.2.5. The following process for membership in St. Andrews school board will be followed: Interested and qualified persons seeking membership to the school board indicate their interests to the chairperson of the School Board.

4.2.6. The following are suggested guidelines for assessing qualifications for board membership in St. Andrews School board: understanding and agreement with the educational and curricular philosophy of St. Andrews and willingness to develop that philosophy; demonstrated interest in serving and representing the school; demonstrated willingness to oversee and complete various duties of the board as undertaken or assigned; experience or expertise in various needs of the board (e.g., educational experience, curricular expertise, budgetary expertise, etc.)


* In 1999, two additional qualifications were added by the Board of Directors: School Board members must be practicing Catholics, and St. Andrew faculty may not serve as School Board members.