Board Minutes

We are posting recent School Board minutes at the request of parents. The School Board was created by the corporate board to provide corporate oversight to the school. The School Board meets monthly, and at its meetings reviews the school budget and finances, oversees personnel issues, policy, and curriculum, does long-range planning, and advises the principal and academic dean as necessary. (The day-to-day affairs of the school are overseen by the principal and academic dean, including student oversight.) Many of the issues discussed by the School Board involve the private affairs of the corporation, and confidential issues relating to our faculty, staff, and the families at St. Andrew. Consequently the School Board cannot be completely open about its actions and deliberations, and all minutes are edited to preserve confidentiality and the moral and legal rights of individuals who attend or are employed by the school. We normally remove references to people's names, and all details of discussions that concern individual students, families, teachers. It is to preserve this confidentiality that board meetings are closed as well. From time to time, as the situation and our needs warrant, the School Board elects new members. The selection policy for electing School Board members is detailed here.

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